After more than 15 years as a telematics service provider, we have the experience and knowhow in place to provide a variety of telematics services. Naturally, all solutions need to be properly configured to suit your requirements, but by using our Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP) with its possibilities of combining different modules, we can cut the time for delivery.

We are also used to creating entirely new and tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs. We are more than happy to discuss your case. Why not start with a look at some of our most widely used services, to get a clearer picture of our deliveries. Your needs might vary depending on who you are.



OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer

Your aim: Reducing costs | Our suggested services: 

Remote Diagnostics

Service Notifications

Service History

Warranty Management

SW OTA Management

Tracking of vehicles to dealers

Your aim: Increase sales and aftermarket revenues | Our suggested services: 

Subscription management

Service management

Payment services

App Store and Service Store

Your aim: New business opportunities | Our suggested services: 

Fleet management




Your aim: Increase sales + Easy and fast administration of connected services | Our suggested services: 

Vehicle & User Service Provisioning

Service Activation

2nd level support for dealers

Self-service tools for dealers



Fleet manager/strong>

Your need: Optimize fleet cost and utilization | Our suggested services: 

Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle Locator & Dispatching





Safety & Security Services:

Automatic Crash Notification

Manual Emergency Call

Breakdown Call

Theft Notification

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Remote Immobilization / Slowdown

Geofence Alert

Convenience & Infotainment:

Information Call

POI Search & Destination Download

Weather & News Feed

Parking, Speed Camera, Fuel, Traffic Information

Remote control of vehicle services:

Car Locator

Climate Control

Door Lock / Unlock

Vehicle Health Report

Journey Log

Remote Dashboard

Electric Vehicle Services, eg Charge Control, Battery Monitoring, Charge Point Navigation

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