WirelessCar has been rated as the world’s leading provider of telematics services compared to eight of the foremost competitors in this field.

SBD is an independent, technical and market research consultancy specializing in automotive security, connected car telematics and driver assistance systems. In one of their latest reports (Ref: CON612-154) they compare capabilities of nine telematics service providers (TSPs), which have been demonstrated operationally.

“WirelessCar’s obvious strength is its global coverage and length of operational experience. It is a relatively ‘full spectrum’ TSP, meaning that the TSP can outsource many telematics-related services to them, but WirelessCar also has a strong record of providing ‘modular’ services to OEMs who prefer to bring certain services in-house” is one of the conclusions in the report.

WirelessCar supports 8 brands within the automotive industry with the benefits of connected vehicle services. The company has launched 17 automotive telematics programs for manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles. Examples of programs are ConnectedDrive (BMW), Volvo On Call (Volvo Cars), InControl (Jaguar Land Rover), Chrysler uConnect and Fiat BEV through Sprint Velocity.

“This is indeed high praise and proves that we understand our customers’ needs and make sure to fulfill them” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar. “We will strive to stay ahead in the latest technical developments and find new solutions to improve our customers’ reputation and business even further. It is important to keep delivering forward-thinking services that deliver a personalized driving experience.”

For a sample of the report, click on the link https://www.sbdautomotive.com/files/sbd/pdfs/612sample.pdf

To acquire the entire report, please contact SBD directly at +44 (0) 1908 305 101.



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